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Tools for your Philanthropy

Book: Inspired Philanthropy

This newest edition of the classic book shows how anyone can align and integrate values, passions, and dreams for their communities and families into their plans. Inspired Philanthropy explains how to make a difference by creating giving and legacy plans, tells what questions to ask nonprofits, and spells out how to help partner with advisors and nonprofit leaders for inspired outcomes.

“Inspired Philanthropy is one of the best tools for donors, development people and advisors ever to be published.”

-Phil Cubeta, Former head of CAP, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy, of the American College and “The Mr. Rogers of Philanthropy.”

Donor Networks

Research shows that people who convene in networks accelerate their giving, confidence and impact when they are in community with other donors. If you want the benefits of collaborating with others, consider joining one of these networks:

Women Donors Network

Generosity Multiplied
Women Donors Network is a community of progressive women who multiply their energy, their strategic savvy, and their philanthropic dollars to build a more just and fair world.

“We think outside the box. Through collaborative learning and cooperative action, we accomplish much more together than we could separately.”

Women Moving Millions 

Changing How the World Sees Philanthropy
Women Moving Millions is a global philanthropic initiative whose goal is to inspire gifts of a million dollars or more to organizations and initiatives that advance and empower women and girls.

“The scope and potential of your investment is as boundless as your imagination. Whatever the issue that drives and inspires you, there’s a way to express your personal passion through Women Moving Millions. Our network of 160 women’s funds touches almost every corner of the globe – from New England to Nepal.”

EDGE Funders Alliance

EDGE Funders Alliance organizes within philanthropy to raise awareness and deepen understanding of the interconnected nature of the social, economic and ecological crises threatening our common future. EDGE works to increase resources for communities and movements creating systemic change alternatives for a transition to a society that supports justice, equity and the well-being of the planet.

Leveraging Resources and Privilege for Social Change
Resource Generation organizes young people with financial wealth to leverage resources and privilege for social change.

“At Resource Generation, I found what I was looking for and more – motivation to have hard conversations about wealth, income disparities, and class.”

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