Unleashing Generosity offers resources, coaching and inspiration for giving circles, donor networks, financial and philanthropic advisors, families and individuals. Our goal is to increase the amount of resources for social change by inspiring donors to give more and to give more strategically and joyfully.

What We Do:

    We inform philanthropic and financial advisors about the benefits of giving circles and other donor networks for their clients. We also offer advisor coaching and workshops (for CEU credits) on new trends in the field of philanthropy, and how donor networks and giving circles help unleash the generosity of people of wealth and their families.
    We offer coaching and consultation to help increase the membership and outreach of our Learning Community members. We also facilitate learning and collaboration among the members to enable them to share ideas for growing and retaining membership, increase their outreach to financial and philanthropic advisors, and strengthen their ties with NGOs, activists and leaders.
    We coach donors and their families on their giving strategies, tactics and methodologies. Our goal is to support and inspire you to make a greater impact on the issues you care about.  Individual coaching is available by phone and email. Coaching and facilitation of intergenerational dialogues are also available for families.

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Our contact info:

Tracy Gary in U.S.   |  Karen Payne in England

Research shows that people who convene in networks accelerate their giving and creativity when they meet other donors and hear their stories. Their generosity is further stimulated when they build relationships with leaders of social change organizations and diverse community activists.

We know there are thousands of new donors, including the next generation of inheritors and high-earners, who could benefit from mentoring by an older generation ready to pass on their experience and contacts. Older donors also have much to learn from the innovative thinking and insights of younger donors and activists.

The voices of people directly engaged in social justice and environmental sustainability are a compelling factor in unleashing generosity. Diversifying and democratizing philanthropy is a key to directing more resources to these issues.