The Funding Network
“Creating social change through collective giving”

The Funding Network (TFN) enables individuals to join together to fund social change projects. TFN is the UK’s first public giving circle, known for its informal and welcoming atmosphere.  They have regular public events where organizations and donors engage in ‘friendly philanthropy’.

At each Funding Event, five organizations present their work. They are chosen by a Selection Panel from all the projects that members have proposed.  After the six-minute presentations and time for questions there is a lively pledging session where everyone has a chance to contribute. People call out the amount they are donating and everyone can watch the total rise. The target goal for each grant is £5,000 ($8,000), although the total usually exceed this.

TFN members are described as “everyday donors from all backgrounds”.  The size of donations range from £100 ($160) to thousands of pounds.  So far, 4,000 individuals at 75 events have raised over £5.5 million ($8.8 million) for over 800 diverse local, national and international projects creating social change.

“I come because TFN is gripping – like good theatre. I’m on the edge of my seat when the pledging begins. Moved sometimes to tears by what people are brave enough to undertake. Furious at the facts revealed.  Delighted by people’s spontaneous generosity.”

– Dr. Scilla Elworthy, TFN member

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