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Why Join our Learning Community? 
Introductions and Conversations:
Unleashing Generosity makes introductions and facilitates the conversations you want to have with a wide range of financial advisors, giving circles, networks, foundations and individual donors.

Increase support for social movements
In our Theory of Change we explain how the growth of giving circles and other donor networks can accelerate the effectiveness of movements for justice, equality and environmental protection.

In joining our learning community, you can play an important part in catalyzing more support for all who are working for change at this critical moment in history.

Raise the profile of collaborative giving
Unleashing Generosity aims to change the perception of philanthropy by highlighting the benefits of collaborative giving in both traditional and social media. The increased attention will benefit giving circles, networks and individual donors who share our goal of inspiring people to give more strategically and joyfully to social change.

Create a buzz about giving circles and donor networks among financial and philanthropic advisors.
Many donors (and potential donors) have never heard of giving circles or donor networks. Advisors want to give their clients information that is interesting and useful to them. Unleashing Generosity will introduce collaborative giving to a wide range of advisors and their clients.

Membership fees

Benefits of Membership
A.  Access to our intellectual and social capital

The  Unleashing Generosity Learning Community is grounded in our team’s many years of experience in the field of transformative philanthropy.  For example, Tracy Gary is the co-founder of 23 philanthropic organizations that have supported movements that address issues of social and environmental justice, women’s empowerment, LGBT rights and peace-building in conflict zones.

Over the past 40 years Tracy and the other members of the Leadership Team have presented at more than 2,500 workshops and conferences. These include:

125 community foundations    120 women’s foundations   •   50 giving circles     25 donor networks     •   25 social justice foundations (private and public)

  1. over 100 financial advisors, banks and trust companies

We offer each organizational and individual member a half-hour phone conversation with a member of the Leadership Team in order to clarify how our knowledge and contacts can be of most benefit to you.

B.  Connect with philanthropic and financial advisors

We have relationships with networks of advisors who could refer their clients to your donor network or giving circle. We also refer donor networks and individual donors to advisors in alignment with their values, preferences, and change strategies. We have relationships with advisors and investment firms that have worked with 250 family foundations.

Our collaborators in the advisor sector include:

  1. Advisors in Philanthropy

  2. Purposeful Planning Institute

  3. National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers

  4. In Know Vision

C.  Connect with individual donors and families who are potential members of your giving circle or network.

We refer donors and their families to to donor networks and giving circles that are in alignment with their values, preferences and change strategies.

D.  Participate in conference calls and webinars

Through these calls and webinars we seek to build a ‘network of networks’

in order to cross-pollinate the wisdom of donors, networks, giving circles, foundations and advisors.

For example:

  1. Networks and giving circles learn from each other’s challenges and successes in how to increase membership, improve member satisfaction and nurture the leadership of members.

  2. Philanthropic advisors and giving circles discuss strategies for advisors who want to make a good match between their clients and the wide range of giving circles and donor networks.

  3. Family foundations and their members engage in dialogue with networks/circles about the different styles and cultures of the networks/circles on the call.

E.  Profile of your network or giving circle on our website

Each organizational member will be featured in a 1,000-2,000 word profile on our website. The profile will be based on a one-on-one interview about the way the network or giving circle operates and quotes from the members about why they joined and how they have benefited from their experience.

Each giving circle or network will also be able to nominate one or more members to be interviewed for a personal profile about their life journey with money, philanthropy and values.

Membership fees