Coaching and Consulting

We grow the leadership of donors and financial advisors to support great grantmaking. We also coach the staff and boards of nonprofits to create powerful funder partnerships.

We work with a limited number of clients at any one time to ensure our availability. Of our 18 current clients, most are donors for whom we do annual grantmaking and/or provide support for their legacy giving. We also have nonprofit clients that we help with Board development, organizational development and fundraising coaching.

10-hour package: $2,000.00 ($1,600 for nonprofits)

Many of our clients purchase our on-call coaching package, which provides a flexible, customized way to work with us. Paid in advance, the ten coaching and consulting hours can happen anytime over the course of a year and can be by phone, Zoom or in person, with email exchanges in between meetings as needed.

For donors and advisors, we can focus on:

  • Visioning
  • Giving plans
  • Evaluation of current grantmaking
  • Grantee research and site visits
  • Family meetings
  • Deciding on giving vehicles
  • Speaking with financial and estate planning advisors

For nonprofits, we can provide:

  • Donor briefings and events
  • Board fundraising training
  • Board development
  • Staff fundraising training
  • Leadership coaching
  • Marketing strategy and execution
  • Program design
  • Impact measurement

Additional hours are charged at $240.00 per hour for funders, $192 per hour for nonprofits. If you are interested, we’ll identify your top goals over the period and get started. We have a limited number of these special coaching clients and aim to be available as needed for special deadlines, presentations and to review materials as requested.

We would be honored to work with you. To proceed please email, Susan Burns or Tracy Gary.

One-day consultation for Organizations
Please see Tracy's tour page for more information and fees.

Example of a day-long engagement could include:
* Reception with the community
* Private dinner with the consultant and staff, donors, board or whomever you select
* Breakfast with advisors
* Training with staff or board
* Lunch and keynote and or panel facilitated by consultant with donors
* Workshops or training in the afternoon (or strategic planning session)
* Next step discussion or follow-up call or memo

Speaking and Workshop Facilitation
Please see Tracy's tour page for more information

Profiles of Network, Individual Donor or Family
Includes interview, up to two rounds of editorial consultation on drafts and rewrites, plus outside proofreader, with final 1000-3000 word profile as a Word document and PDF.

To discuss hiring us, please contact:

Tracy Gary in the US   |   Karen Payne in the UK