Unleashing Generosity is a learning community that offers resources, coaching and inspiration for giving circles, donor networks, financial and philanthropic advisors, families and individuals.
Unleashing Generosity can help accelerate your learning, increase your impact and develop your relationship with others who are involved in the emerging field of collaborative giving.
We offer: 
Stories of people who describe how giving with others transforms their isolation and guilt - and how philanthropy can become a pleasurable and adventurous part of life 
Examples of the different types of networks and giving circles where people come together to learn, deepen their impact and unleash their generosity
Strategies for donor networks to attract new members and increase the satisfaction and commitment of existing members.
Resources that enable financial and philanthropic advisors to introduce their clients to collaborative giving.
Coaching for giving circles and networks on next steps to accelerate their leadership and impact
 Speakers for conferences, events and media

Whether you are a giving circle, donor network, philanthropic advisor or individual donor, we invite you to learn more and 
Join our Learning Community.

Unleashing Generosity is a fiscally-sponsored project of Triskeles Foundation

Our goal is for donors to give more strategically and joyfully to social change

Unleashing Generosity through collaborative giving